Over 2000lb of Bream Stocked Into Carr Mill Dam

St Helens Angling Association has recently stocked over 2100 lb of Quality Bream into Carr Mill Dam, as part of our continuous improvement on all our waters. The fished supplied  by Main Stream Fisheries where stocked in two locations around the Dam. The Dam was closed for fishing for 6 days to allow the new fish a chance to settle. A big thank you to all our members who attended on the day to assist with the stocking process.IMG_1879 IMG_1878 IMG_1874IMG_1864 IMG_1872 IMG_1871IMG_1858 IMG_1860 IMG_1862 IMG_1858 IMG_1856 IMG_1854IMG_1851 IMG_1852 IMG_1853 IMG_1847 IMG_1842 IMG_1840IMG_1839 IMG_1839 IMG_1838 IMG_1837 IMG_1835 Carr Mill 3 Carr Mill 2 Carr Mill 1

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