Recent Developments

Leg O Mutton Dam

We have recently changed the old council lock on the Dam, and replaced it with a new security lock Keys can be purchased by attending a members meeting. Members meeting dates are published on the website.

The Dam has had its second stocking of the year, the first was courtesy of the Enviroment Agency, and we would like to thank them for all their assistance.  The second stocking consisted of 300lb of roach and skimmers, supplied by St Helens AA.

We would also like to thank the Enviroment Agency, and all members of the association who have been involved in the recent working parties, providing safe havens for the stocks in the form of new floating islands, and the clean up that has gone into the Dam

Dig Pit

The Dig Pit has recently been stocked with 300 lb of roach, 200 lb of skimmers, and 200 lb of common/mirror carp, some of the roach stocked where nudging the pound mark, and all the fish where in excellent condition. Since the start of the year, there has been a tremendous amount of work put into the Dig Pit, by voluntary members, including improving access, cleaning away debris, making all platforms fishable and generally improving the water for all members. Our thanks goes out to all who have been involved. Working parties are currently under way every Tuesday until works are complete, all volunteers are more than welcome.

The Basin

Recent works include installing a sheet pile wall at the bottom of the basin. This has currently raised the level of the Basin to its original state, and should hopefully resolve the issue of the water level constantly dropping. Once again we thank all for the volunteers for putting in the effort and making this possible



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