Fish Stocking for Dig Pit and Leg O Mutton Dam

Dear Members

St Helen`s Angling Association has stocked 450lb of Roach averaging 6 oz., but with numerous fish over the 1lb barrier into the Dig Pit and Leg O Mutton Dam to improve sport for our members. Further stockings of Crucian Carp into the Basin at Blackbrook, and skimmers into Carr Mill, Leg O Mutton, Basin and Dig Pit are expected to arrive by the end of January 2017. In Total £15,000 has been allocated to improving fish stocks in our waters for the 2017 season.

Tight Lines

The Committee





Sunday Matches on the St Helen`s Canal

The association is proposing to run a series of winter matches on the Lennon’s stretch of the Canal (subject to enough interest), every Sunday commencing on the 13th of November. Can all anglers who wish to participate please book in with Harry Friar on Tel : 07734 005732 . Draw will be at 9.00am, fish from 10 till 3.


2017 Match Dates

The events section of the website has been updated to show all the proposed match dates for Carr Mill Dam for 2017. This does not include the regular Saturday and Monday Club Matches which will continue through out the year. On the Saturday 3rd of June we are holding a Feeder Masters Qualifier. The usual Saturday Match will be exchanged for Sunday the 4th of June.

Saturday Match Fees

In response to all the speculation regarding the proposal for increases Match Fees for the Saturday Club Matches, the committee wishes to inform all our members that there will be NO increases to the match fees taking on a Saturday for the foreseeable future. Match Fees will continue to be £10 with a £5 optional

Sidings Lane Update

We have recently met up with the council and park rangers with reference to this new water. Will members please note that this water is part of a nature reserve, and the carrying out of any works including cutting back vegetation, clearing swims, pruning trees etc is strictly prohibited unless written permission has been given by the committee on application to the park rangers for approval. We have agreed with the council to install a St Helen’s AA Padlock, which will utilise the same key as the lock on Leg O Mutton Dam for access into the car park. Please note if the car park is full or for any reason you can not obtain access to the car park, parking on the lane is strictly prohibited. We hope to have the padlock in place by the end of the week. Keys available from St Helen`s Tackle and Bait, Chain Lane , Blackbrook.


Date Changes to Christmas Match and AGM

Please note that the Christmas Match held on Carr Mill Dam has been moved from Sunday the 13th of November to Saturday 12th November in line with the recent decision to keep running the matches on a Saturday throughout the year.

The AGM has been rescheduled for the Tuesday the 15th of November instead of the 18th of October. This is to enable us to collect all outstanding monies from Permit Sales throughout the year, in-order to deliver an accurate up to date balance sheet for the meeting. The members meeting is still scheduled for the Tuesday 4th of October, and any proposals for the AGM must be handed into the committee by this date at the latest.



Changes to Match Dates

Dear Members

Please note that it has recently been passed at out last committee meeting that the current club matches run on a Saturday will continue throughout the year, and will not go to Sunday Opens in October as has been the norm for the last few years. The association extends its apologies to any members who this may inconvenience, but due to circumstances this is unavoidable.


The Committee