St Helens Canal 31st December

1st Kevin Hall                   17lb 14 (Carp and Silvers)

2nd Peter Tickle               16lb 12 (Skimmers and Roach )

3rd Graham Sixsmith      11lb 08 (Silvers)

4th David Bailey                 8lb 12 (Carp)



Carr Mill Dam Saturday 30th December

1st Mark Tallon     Peg 86       8lb 04

2nd Ken Dooley    Peg 89        7lb 04

3rd Les Hayes        Peg 79        6lb 04

4th Alan Turton     Peg 80        4lb 15

19 Anglers Fished


St Helens Canal Wednesday 27th December

1st Ron Ranson 15lb-08 (One Small Carp and Silvers)

2nd Peter Tickle 11lb-08 (Silvers)

3rd Graham Sixsmith 7lb – 14 (Silvers)

4th Kev Hall 7lb -06 (Silvers)

Section Used Matalan and Chambers

12 Anglers Fished

Carr Mill Dam 23rd December 2017

1st Darren Rowlinson Cooper  Peg 89                8lb -13

2nd Ken Dooley                           Peg 83                8lb-7

3rd Steve Rimmer                       Peg 80               3lb 8

4th Steve Ward                             Peg 158             3lb 4

18 Anglers Fished