New water for St Helens Angling Association

IMG_1975 IMG_1973 IMG_1972 IMG_1971St Helens AA are pleased to announce Sidings Lane to its current portfolio of waters. This picturesque little venue, located of the Rainford Bypass  is ideal for pleasure anglers, who want to get away from it all and relax in peaceful surroundings. Initial feedback from the few anglers who have ventured out so far, is that the venue is extremely well stocked, with lots of bites from Roach, Skimmers,Crucian Carp, with larger fish to be seen cruising around the surface. There is parking for approximately 10 cars with easy access to the lake, good level footpaths around the venue and easy accessible fishing platforms. Any additional information regarding the fish stocks of this venue would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. when fishing here last week a cormorant took four 1lb plus crucian carp within an hour, if it does that every day that,s over 1200 fish per year, we need a solution urgently!

    • Geoff

      We are aware of the issue and it has recently been discussed at our committee meeting. We are currently looking at our options, which at present seem limited. This area is a nature reserve, so whatever we do has to be agreed by St Helen`s Council. If there are any further developments, I will keep you informed. At present we are asking all out members to scare the bird away, without causing it any bodily harm.


      St Helen`s AA

  2. St helens members

    I am disgusted how the two day match was run by Andy burrows anglers paid 30 pounds just to win 50 pound a section a 20 pound win anglers had to pay more optional pools from 5pounds to 10 pounds not all anglers can afford this more then half of all the anglers said this is disgracfull and you should of left it like it was and they will not fish it next year and as for putting match prices up to twenty pounds is disgraceful Mr burrows you are trying to make carmill dam a supper water trying to attract big names but it is a plesure water and not just about match fishing a lot of anglers are not happy with the way you are doing things as if you own the club

    • Dear Member

      I will ensure your comments are read out and discussed at the next committee meeting. With regards to the increase of match fees to £20, I can assure you that at present this has not been passed by the committee, or even discussed at a meeting. If it does come up on the agenda, I for one will be voting against the proposed increase,and will do my utmost best to ensure it is not passed. Any official changes to the matches will be posted on the official website, and not on the St Helens face book page, which is run totally independent of St Helen`s AA.


      Ron Ranson
      Treasurer/Assistant Secretary

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