St Helens AA Charity match Sunday 2nd August 2020 This Sunday sees the second o…

St Helens AA Charity match Sunday 2nd August 2020

This Sunday sees the second of the charity matches for the British Heart Foundation, MIND and Huntington's Disease Association

Entry is £20 with £5 from each entry going to the charities detailed above.

Pegs to be used are 2 to 92 and 111 to 124

Any pleasure anglers fishing these pegs will have to vacate the pegs by 8.30am as normal on Sunday morning.

Note pegs 96 to 110 on the roadside are not being used so these are free for carp/pleasure anglers along with the wall and Gallagher's

Below is a list of anglers currently booked on, if your name is on the list but you are unable to fish please let me know.

If you are not on the list and you want to fish, again let me know and I will add you to the list.

Text me on: 07871845710

I will be paying 6 x £50 sections and 1st, 2nd & 3rd

The draw will take place at the Boat club, book in and pay on from 8.30am, with the draw from 9am.

Fishing will be from 10.30am to 3.30pm.

Breakfasts and drinks are available from the Boat Club from 8am

If you wish to talk to other anglers you must maintain the 2m separation as per Government guidance, under no circumstances should you greet others with handshakes etc.

At the all out do not leave your peg unless you have packed up and are not weighing in.

If you are weighing in you must remain in your peg, when the weigher arrives you will remove your keepnet and carefully place your fish in the weigh sling and then step away beyond 2m. The weigher will weigh your fish, inform you and the booker of the agreed weight and then he will place the fish carefully back in the lake. He will then move onto the next angler allowing you to finish packing up and to go back to your vehicle.

Please note St Helens AA matches are 1 hook only and method feeders must be free running

Arthur Cunliffe
Ben Lloyd
Billy Thelwell
Brian Cross
Darren Rawlinson-Cooper
Darren Taylor
Dave Berry
Dave Edgerley
Dave Lever
Dave Rigby
Derek Bennett
Gareth Charnock
James Place
Jimmy Hines
John Bates
John Fletcher
John Turnock
Kevin Hall
Lee Addy
Les Heyes
Mark Delany
Mark Eden
Mark Talon
Martyn Everett
Martyn Topping
Mick Burkhill
Mick Hartley
Mick Woolvine
Micky Lever
Paul Swift
Paul White
Peter Keenan
Phil Holland
Richard Pennington
Rob Pennington
Ronnie Ranson
Shaun Fletcher
Simon Stott
Ste Flemming
Ste Halliwell
Ste Leyland
Ste Lowe
Ste May
Ste Mitchell
Ste Potter
Ste Ward
Tony Heffernan
Wayne Westhead

Dave Rigby, Match Secretary


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