Tench Arrive at the Basin

This week saw the arrival of 22 quality Tench ranging from 3 to 6lb, stocked into the Sankey Basin. Tony the association bailiff was delighted with the new additions, and personally released each one lovingly and with care.  The largest specimen has been fondly named “Antonia”, only Tony  knows why. This is the latest investment by St Helens AA, and hopefully, with the assistance of our members we will carry on with the continued improvements to all our association waters.IMG_1929 IMG_1936 IMG_1928 IMG_1922 IMG_1920

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  1. To St. Helens Angling Association
    I Karl Devlin give notice of my resignation from the association as committee member and bailiffs duties.
    Even though it was wrong for me to not let the committee know I had a copy of documents that I borrowed by a third party I did not expect the verbal assault by some of the committee.
    I have been involved with the club for over 15 years and have only ever had the clubs best interests in all that time even when it has caused disputes with my family for putting the club first
    Again I apologise for any inconvenience or harm I have done with my actions .
    I would like to wish the club all the best and success for the future
    Karl Devlin

  2. Nice one love tench I took a walk round care mill my god the pallets r so bad someone is going to get hurt

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