Sidings Lane

This picturesque little water, located on Sidings Lane, just of the Rainford Bypass, is the latest addition to St Helen`s Angling Association Portfolio of Waters. Located inside the Nature Reserve, this is an excellent pleasure water, stocked with Carp, Bream, Crucians, Roach, Rudd, Tench and Perch. Parking is available for Anglers on possession of a key to the barrier which can be purchased from St Helens Tackle and Bait, located on Chain Lane Blackbrook.

Notice to all members, please ensure that under no circumstances can any of the vegetation either  in or surrounding the lake be removed, cut back or trimmed,  without written consent from the committee, which will only be granted upon successful application to the St Helens Rangers.

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  1. William Hughes

    What a lovely little water this is. We had a look the other week and plan to fish it very soon. It looks so fishy and Natural looking. No idea how big the fish are but will try corn, meat and pellet.Wpellet.Would appreciate some info on what elastic,line,and hooklenghs to use. Was thinking of fishing at about 7 meters and where possible in the margins

    • Alright mate I fished this pond for years under another club. It is crazy deep I’ve never got near the bottom. I wouldn’t really say it’s a corn/meat water. It’s more worm/maggot/caster bread water with plenty of fish from roach perch Rudd chub carp. There might be tench but I wouldn’t know because its impossible to get those depths while float fishing. It’s important to take mosquito spray otherwise you are getting attacked. My best results are in the corners of the pond by the big lilly pads, use tiny hooks. Public foot paths so a lot of people stepping over your gear ect

    • Is it a day ticket

  2. Kelvin Gearing

    It fished really well in June/July last year, but then fell off a cliff for me. I had lots of crucian and small common, red maggot seemed to work well. It had about 10 large carp always on the surface in June/July, but they seemed to disappear too when the fishing dropped off.

  3. Hi, just wondering if anyone knowsbif this place is disabled friendly please? My dad would be in a scooter not a wheelchair. Thanks!

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