Carr Mill Dam Teams of 4, 15th July 2018

Carr Mill Dam. 15th July, Teams of 4 Open Event

We now have 13 teams confirmed for the event, 7 team places still available. £140 per team on a first come basis. If anyone wishes to enter a team, contact either Ron Ranson or Joe Farrell.

Team                                                  Anglers                               

1: Nu Fish North                              Wayne Bartholomew

2: Steve Hamilton                           Ste Halliwell, Micky Lever, Platty

3: Team Matrix                                Kevin Hall, J Farrell, Chris Stevens, Mac Stevens

4: Andrew Burrows                         Mystery Team

5: Toya’s Team                                Martin Ormrod. Paul Swift, Darren Rowlinson Cooper, Chad

6: Kieran Marsden

7: Jeff Holland                                  Phil Holland, Dennis Knight, John Fletcher

8: James Place                                 Lee Addy, Mark Addy, Mark Phillips

9: Ron Ranson                                  Steve Ward, Shaun Fletcher, Les Hayes

10: Dean Barlow

11: Derek Bennet                            Dave Rigby, Ged Rigby, Jim Hines

12: Phil Ringer

13: Jim Evans









Kevin O Hanlon Charity Open Match 21st July

Dear All

Carr Mill Dam will be hosting an Open Charity Match, in remembrance of Kevin O Hanlon,  on Carr Mill Dam on the 21st July 2018. Please come along and support this worth while event, and its also a good opportunity for non members to gain some practice prior to the Super League round. Entrance fee will be £20, with £5 per entrance going towards a charity of the family’s choice. Draw at 8.30am from the Waterside Pub, breakfast will be available from 7.30am.



Continuing Works on the Dig Pit

Works have been now been completed to the Dig Pit to enable anglers to  access to the lake via two entrances to avoid the long walk round if anglers choose to fish the left bank. You can now quire easily walk all the way around with a loaded trolley. Thanks to the volunteers for all there efforts in restoring this lovely little pleasure venue.

Carr Mill Dams Unsung Hero

What would Carr Mill Dam look like without the efforts of the local bailiff Sammy who constantly spend time clearing up other peoples litter , mostly from general members of the public. Here he is again, with another 5 full bags of litter collected from around the Dam. Well Done Sammy.

River Severn Preston Boats and Shelton

Dear Members

For years St Helens Ramblers have held the fishing rights to these 2 stretches of water, and St Helens AA along with other local fishing clubs have had affiliated rights to fish these waters. Unfortunately St Helens Ramblers decided to relinquish the fishing rights to these 2 stretches, and gave the landlord agents official notice. The fishing rights where then put back onto the market, and St Helens AA applied, but unfortunately without success. The fishing rights have been passed over to a local angling club in Shrewsbury. The St Helens AA membership licences where printed in December, prior to us being aware of the situation, therefore the waters are still stipulated within the licence, and  will be removed for the next season.


The Committee



Garbolino 3 Day Feeder Festival Carr Mill Dam

Tickets now available on a first come first served basis from St Helens Tackle and Bait

Or contact Joe Farrell (07764 926643) Ron Ranson (07812 095236)



Entrance Fee £100.00

Pay Out Based on 60 Anglers will be £50 per 5 peg sections per day

£125 First Overall Each Day, £75.00 2nd Overall Each Day

3 Days Overall 1st £1,000: 2nd £700:3rd £500:4th £400: 5th £250: 6th £150.

Draw at 8.30am from Waterside Pub, Carr Mill Dam, Breakfast available from 7.30am.



New Dates for Garbolino 3 Day Feeder Festival

Dear Members

 After going through the diary and checking for other events and also the boat racing calendar we have come up with 15-17th of June for the new date for the 3 day Garbolino feeder festival. Hopefully this will see everything warmed up a little and the dam in some form, any problem please get in touch, and please spread the word !!



The Committee


Carp Lads Clean Out Peg 160

A big thanks to Roy Tickle and Chris Owen who today have been trying to sort out the snag problem on peg 160. Hopefully it’s been sorted now as this big concrete block was removed from 40-50 yards out. We think it’s been used to hold a buoy at some point and broke off, there was lots of line and feeders attached so hopefully the peg will now be clear.

   Thanks again now lads !


New Bailiff for St Helens Canal

Dear Members

St Helens AA are please to announce the appointment of Liam McGee as the new bailiff for St Helens Canal with immediate affect. Can we ask all our members to help and support their local bailiffs as they carry out their duties/

Best Wishes

The Committee