St Helens Canal

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This being one of the oldest canals in the country, originally used by canal boats to carry coal, sugar and glass and many other goods in and out of the town, running alongside the Pilkington Glass Factory, and known to the angling world as the Hotties due to the warm water pumped out of the factory into the canal. This giving the advantage for all year round angling in freezing weather conditions as this never freezes over. Well known over the years for the tropical fish that used to be in this water.

Church Street [Phase 3]

The Gusher to local anglers.

A very popular water for both pleasure and match angler, with regular catches of 10lb – 30lb mixed catches.

Depth      3ft – 4.5ft

Width      16m – 20m

Most popular method being the pole fished at 5 to 16 metres for silver fish, but also good sport on the feeder or straight led although you need to feed regular as there are so many fish in front of you.

But do not be surprised if you hit a big fish, Carp of 3lb up to 20lb. (in fact if you cant catch fish on this canal you must not have put a Hook on)

Once around the corner below the Gusher, this long stretch was excavated several years ago, and goes to 12ft in depth.

This being the main Match length with still plenty of fish to be caught, regular pleasure catches of 14lb of roach and skimmers fishing at 3 – 4 ft deep. [Match catches of up to 40lb]

Carp catches fishing 16m against the opposite canal wall.

Main Baits; Maggot, Caster, or Worm [although all baits work]

Lower down the stretch over the railway line known as Todd’s or Matalan this short stretch shallows up to 7feet but holds lots of small roach and skimmers from 2oz to 14oz and carp from 3lb – 18lb

Pocket Nook to Corporation Street [Phase 2]

This length runs along the side of the St Helens Glass double-glazing factory, formally Lennon’s retail store warehouse therefore known by both names to local anglers. Here we have a straight length consisting of only 26 pegs, but do not let that put you off.

Depth 10ft down the middle and 16 – 17 metres wide and holds plenty of roach, skimmers, perch, tench and bream to 5lb, carp to 12lb and some chub to 3lb.

This length is ideal for disabled anglers as the bank is made of tarmac and flat, but parking is not ideal.

[Regular club sweepstakes are held on this stretch with weights up to 16lb]

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