Many of you will have noticed the on going work on the roadside this last week, …

Many of you will have noticed the on going work on the roadside this last week, as the club looks to install 3 double swims and 2 single swims from peg 100 onwards along the roadside. It's been a slow process given the recent weather we've had, but the lads hired by the club have really pulled their guts out. These pegs will benefit all members that fish the dam and will allow people to fish comfortably and keeping tackle cleaner, as the grading will act as a wash away for any rain that falls.

These swims are not finished as of yet, but there's a plan in place on securing the banking structure, to add to the longevity of the final product. The club will hopefully be running some work parties to get these pegs finished off, and I will be updating on the progress here in due course. The swims will allow anglers to fish comfortably in an area that has had limited access for a number of years.

If fishing these pegs in the mean time, we ask that anglers take caution towards the front of the swims, until the work has been completed at the water's edge in securing the front of them.

There is also a plan in place to finish the work on the drop which will take a little time, to work out logistically the best way to approach it. Given the task of the job, it may well be worth us running a work party alongside the guys hired to do it, to keep the costings down perhaps.

Once again I'd like to thank all those at the club for helping to make this happen 🎣🐟💪



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